Archive - February, 2013

Demesha & Marjahni Engagement Photos with H & Co. in San Francisco

Demesha & Marjahni’s engagement shoot highlighted all the reasons we feel so privileged to do what we do.  We had the honor of witnessing (and capturing) MJ proposing to Demesha, and being with them all through this journey.  We treasure the friendship we have built with this inspiring couple.  They are living lives of purpose, and the story of the romance is a real testament to that.

On top of all that… to be able to work in one of the world’s most photogenic cities is, well… click below to take a look for yourself!


Melissa & Ryan Wedding Photos with H & Co. in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful locations in California and a perfect setting for a wedding.  We were honored to have been asked by Mel & Ryan to film their wedding as cinematographers and consider them a part of our H & Co. family.  In addition to filming the wedding, we had the opportunity to take bride and groom photos on a romantic private beach near by.

It was appropriately stated during the ceremony that the love exhibited by Melissa and Ryan is as clear as the lake’s waters, and as abundant as the sands below their feet.  As H & Co., we had an opportunity to witness this love up close, and we agree that it is awe inspiring and humbling.

Melissa and Ryan won their wedding package by competing in a contest by