Demesha & Marjahni Engagement Photos with H & Co. in San Francisco

Demesha & Marjahni’s engagement shoot highlighted all the reasons we feel so privileged to do what we do.  We had the honor of witnessing (and capturing) MJ proposing to Demesha, and being with them all through this journey.  We treasure the friendship we have built with this inspiring couple.  They are living lives of purpose, and the story of the romance is a real testament to that.

On top of all that… to be able to work in one of the world’s most photogenic cities is, well… click below to take a look for yourself!

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Melissa & Ryan Wedding Photos with H & Co. in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful locations in California and a perfect setting for a wedding.  We were honored to have been asked by Mel & Ryan to film their wedding as cinematographers and consider them a part of our H & Co. family.  In addition to filming the wedding, we had the opportunity to take bride and groom photos on a romantic private beach near by.

It was appropriately stated during the ceremony that the love exhibited by Melissa and Ryan is as clear as the lake’s waters, and as abundant as the sands below their feet.  As H & Co., we had an opportunity to witness this love up close, and we agree that it is awe inspiring and humbling.

Melissa and Ryan won their wedding package by competing in a contest by

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Jackie & Kyle – Wedding Trailer

Jackie & Kyle were married in Folsom, CA on July 27th, 2012. They have an amazing story and love each other dearly. Here is their wedding day trailer, just a few small moments from such a great day.

Jackie & Kyle – Wedding Trailer – Folsom, CA from H & Company on Vimeo

Hazel’s first birthday party with H & Co. in Sacramento, CA

Congratulations sweet Hazel Mae!  We were so honored to photograph the 1st birthday party of this precious little girl.  Her mom throws the best parties, so I knew the decor wouldn’t disappoint.  And it didn’t!  See for yourself! Continue Reading →

Stephanie & Michael Engagement with H & Co in Folsom, CA

Love the originality of this engagement session!  Stephanie & Michael met while riding the school bus, so naturally we wheeled a bus in for our shoot. A special thank you to Stephanie’s dad for this amazing prop!  We had such a great time with this very sweet couple.

Love Stephanie’s look? Christie Boatsman did a beautiful job on Stephanie’s hair and make up! Don’t forget to stop by her blog.

Click below to view the photos.

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Katie & Allen Engagement with H & Co. in Folsom, CA

Our date night with Katie & Allen started at Bistro La Petite France where they are planning to have their rehearsal dinner.  They are very close with the owners and it was a perfect start to the evening since Katie & Allen are wine connoisseurs. We had a great time with them enjoying the best of whatSutter Streethas to offer.

A special thank you to the very talented Christie Boatsman for providing hair and make up!

Click below to see our favorites.

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Melissa & Ryan Wedding Trailer – Tahoe, CA

Melissa & Ryan were married in beautiful Tahoe, CA on May 27th, 2012. They are such an amazing couple and an absolute pleasure to work with!

We were honored to take part in capturing their story through film on their wedding day. Here is a brief glimpse into that story, but there is so much more to share. Stay tuned!

Melissa & Ryan Wedding Trailer – Tahoe, CA from H & Company on Vimeo

Senior Portraits with H & Co. in Shingle Springs, CA

Our wonderful friend Liz from De La Rosa Bridal in Folsom, CA referred her two beautiful nieces to us for their senior portraits.

The shoot was at their house in the foothills of Shingle Springs.  Wild turkeys greeted us in the driveway, and the neighbor’s yard was home to a family of deer.

We met Jacquelyn and Jennifer and knew that the tranquility was over!  They are twins with very different personalities, but share their spunk and love of life.  It was great seeing them have so much fun together and encourage each other along the way.  We could have shot for hours and had true, joy-filled smiles the whole way.

The horses, barn, pasture and sunset provided an equally lovely backdrop.

Click below to see some of our favorites.

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Melissa & Ryan Engagement with H & Co in Sacramento, CA

This is going to be fun!  It’s an exciting story from the start… Melissa & Ryan won their wedding in a contest organized by

Check out their self-directed/produced winning video here!

Although we weren’t a part of their big prize, we are very honored that they asked us to be a part of this story.  Our wedding day role will be cinematography, but we thought it would be fun to do a photo engagement session to give them a chance to get to know our team.  We were right!  We had a blast getting to know them and their exuberant personalities.  It would be pretty tough to pick the most photogenic member of this little family-to-be.  Check out these lovely photos of Arden the dog… and her mom & dad. Continue Reading →

Jackie & Kyle Engagement Session

We had a blast being part of a really special day for this couple.  Kyle is on active duty in the military, and Jackie was pretty excited about having a date afternoon with him.  We had a full crew shoot this one, but tried to give the couple-in-love as much space as possible to enjoy their cherished time together.  Check out the film here.  Click below to see the photos.

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