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Brooke & Mark’s Engagement Shoot with H & Co. in Auburn , CA

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to hear that we’re suckers for a good love story.  This is a great one.  Brooke was a part of our beloved Christie’s hair and make up team for a recent wedding in the Sierra Foothills.  Rather than heading home to relax for the rest of the day, Brooke went on a first date.  That was August 10th.  Mark must have made quite an impression.  Here are the photos from their engagement session… on November 6th.  They spent years as friends, never quite getting the timing right – never quite connecting.  Seeing them together now, it’s hard to imagine them apart.


Rachel & Paul’s Engagement Photos with H & Co. in Napa, CA

We love developing relationships.  We’ve been really blessed by clients that refer us to their friends and we get to hang out with everybody all over again.  You’ll meet Rosy and Chris later, but they introduced us to their friends Rachel and Paul who are getting married at Chris’ family’s winery!  We’re so excited about these new friends and all the exciting times to come over the next couple of years.

We spent such a fun, romantic day with Rachel and Paul and even visited the spot where Paul proposed.  The girls planned the shoot for Super Bowl Sunday.  The very fortunate/unfortunate power outage allowed us to watch the second half together and talk about our shared love for food, wine and beer… over some of Napa’s best local food, wine and beer.  Click below to enjoy!


Carrie & Ben’s Engagement Photos with H & Co. in Santa Barbara, CA

We’re pretty fortunate to call the great State of California home.  It’s full of treasures like the incredible town of Santa Barbara.  Carrie & Ben were so excited to have us for the weekend and show off the place they call home.  They obviously liked us as much as we like them, since they invited us to a concert after the shoot… and then showed off by inviting us backstage to meet the band – one of our favorite bands!  More than anything else, we believe the engagement shoot serves to make everyone feel comfortable together for the wedding experience.  With new friends like these, it couldn’t have been any more successful!


Did I mention they’re incredibly photogenic?  Enjoy the images below.


Jana & Tighe’s Engagement Photos with H & Co. in Roseville, CA

It is a great joy to meet someone wonderful and think how amazing it would be to be a part of their wedding… and then have the chance to do just that.  Alistair & Jaclyn have known Jana for many years, and even had the chance to work with her as the coordinator for Ashley’s (H & Co. Portraits’ very talented portrait photographer) wedding.

We could not have been more excited to be a part of this wedding experience.

Our engagement session gave us the chance to meet Tighe, and spend some time with an impressive couple we hope to keep as friends.  We started the afternoon at our beloved Boneshaker Public House, and then met the rest of the family in Old Roseville.

Jana’s hair & makeup was provided by the immensely talented team at Republic Salon.

Click below to view the images.


Christina & Dustin’s Engagement Photos with H & Co. in Plymouth, CA

One of our highest ambitions is to make our couples feel like we’re part of the family through the wedding experience.  Christina & Dustin obviously had the same goal.  We will always be grateful to them for making us feel so appreciated.  We met at Christina’s mom & dad’s beautiful house in Plymouth.  From the moment we walked in the door, we felt and were treated like family.

We spent the afternoon tasting wine at the neighbor’s winery, and enjoying the breathtaking property.  Of course, not missing the chance to be wowed by Christina’s roping skills.

Christina’s hair & makeup provided by the lovely Christie Boatsman.

Click below to see for yourself.


Senior Portraits with H & Co. in Shingle Springs, CA

Our wonderful friend Liz from De La Rosa Bridal in Folsom, CA referred her two beautiful nieces to us for their senior portraits.

The shoot was at their house in the foothills of Shingle Springs.  Wild turkeys greeted us in the driveway, and the neighbor’s yard was home to a family of deer.

We met Jacquelyn and Jennifer and knew that the tranquility was over!  They are twins with very different personalities, but share their spunk and love of life.  It was great seeing them have so much fun together and encourage each other along the way.  We could have shot for hours and had true, joy-filled smiles the whole way.

The horses, barn, pasture and sunset provided an equally lovely backdrop.

Click below to see some of our favorites.


Jackie & Kyle Engagement Session

We had a blast being part of a really special day for this couple.  Kyle is on active duty in the military, and Jackie was pretty excited about having a date afternoon with him.  We had a full crew shoot this one, but tried to give the couple-in-love as much space as possible to enjoy their cherished time together.  Check out the film here.  Click below to see the photos.


Family Protraits in Loomis, CA

How cute is this little family? I could have stayed there all day. The weather was amazing. In February. And the location was just perfect. Click below to take a look…  (more…)